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Buckeye's Chicken Opens in Buffalo

A local community activist looking to keep teens employed and off the streets, has opened a new restaurant in Buffalo. Buckeye's Chicken held its grand opening Tuesday at 401 Michigan Avenue in the city of Buffalo. Read More




Buckeye's Chicken puts people to work

A man known for leading the anti-crime movement in Buffalo is trying out a new approach to getting young people off the streets by setting them up with jobs. It's barely a blip on Buffalo's economic development radar screen, but Buckeye's Chicken on the site of a former fast food restaurant has created 24 new jobs for young people. The owner says it is a dream come true after sitting on the back burner for almost a year. Read More



Big Plans for Buckeye's Chicken

Most restaurant owners are in it to make money. Some have big plans to create a chain of restaurants.Then there’s Bishop Perry Davis, who says a successful restaurant can help curb violence in Buffalo. On Tuesday, Bishop Davis cut the ribbon on Buckeye’s Chicken. Bishop Davis hopes his new restaurant will provide jobs for young people who would otherwise be on the streets, and eventually help cut down on violence. The restaurant hired 24 employees, but over 500 people applied. Read More